• Leather Viking Helmets
  • Leather Motorcycle/DOT Helmets
  • Leather Bota Bags
  • Spike Bracelets and leather jewelry
  • Leather bracers- for costuming and combat
  • Handmade Leather Clothing
  • Furs and pelts
  • Leather mugs, flasks, goblets, and jars
  • Leather Crowns and headbands
  • Leather carved pictures and portraits
  • Leather Spiked Necklaces and Jewelery
  • Leather Pouches of all sizes
  • Leather purses and bags of all sizes
  • Fox Tails, Raccoon Tails, Lynx and Mink Tails
  • Turtle medicine pouches/bags
  • Leather Whips

Rena's Leather first began with Rena Branco entering her leather-covered
glassware for consideration in the Colorado Renaissance Festival in 1988.
Twenty one years later, Rena's leather products are still completely
handmade, guaranteed for life, and is in high demand at the Arizona,
Colorado, Minnesota and Texas Renaissance Festivals.
In addition, Rena has become known for her unique leather horned viking
helmets loved by motorcyclists, sports enthusiasts and costumers across
the country. One of her helmets was even seen on the Tonight Show with
Jay Leno. All leather  products and accessories  feature the best cow, elk
and deer leather available.

Welcome to  Rena's Leather website, your one-stop shop for
handmade leather goods, renaissance leather fashions,  leather
costume accessories and much more.
Our handmade leather products are great for costuming or practical
everyday use. We make a variety of items ranging from leather
horned viking helmets to turtle pouches and purses to spike
jewelery. If you haven't visited us in person yet, you can catch us at
the location listed below.
We hand make all leather goods and accessories here in the shop
ourselves and take lots of pride in our work. Each item is individually
handcrafted by us and is backed by a full guarantee. We welcome
custom orders all year round.
Rena's Leather © 2008